Handling the printing needs of the exhibition industry


Job Components:

  • • Label all electronic media appropriately.
  • • Files received via e-mail or ftp should be stuffed or zipped.

Laser Proofs:

  • • Supply current updated lasers and/or PDF.
  • • Dummy mock-up necessary on complicated jobs to show back up.
  • • Any special specifications noted (odd size, 3-hole punch, paper stock, varnish,
      die cuts, embossing, foils, etc.).

Page File Submission:

High-resolution PDFs are required. These can be generated using our PDF preset file. Otherwise, we must discuss printing jobs that use “native” files.

Electronic Components:

  • • Line art files should be scanned at 800-1200 dpi, when used at 100% size or less.
  • • Color images should be scanned CMYK at 300 dpi when used at 100% size or less.
  • • Line weights are to be no smaller than .25 pts.
  • • Build bleed areas to 1/8”.
  • • All live matter of importance (including type) must be a minimum of 1/4” inside the final trim area.

Color Considerations:

  • • Make sure that all images are CMYK. Please convert all RGB and Indexed colors to CMYK.
  • • Check that all spot colors are clearly defined as spot colors, and that they match in all support and page layout files.
  • • If you are not using spot colors in your printing job, please make sure to convert all PMS colors to CMYK in your file.
  • • DO NOT USE “Registration” as a color.