Handling the printing needs of the exhibition industry

SHOW DAILIES - Let's Make a Plan


Show day. The atmosphere in the convention center is charged with the excitement of new product introductions, the buzz of TV crews and appearances by industry-leading keynote speakers. Everyone is depending on your show daily to deliver all the news about events, announcements, game-changing products and surprise moments. So make sure you depend on us to print and deliver this vitally important publication on every show day.

Our procedures provide a dynamic, streamlined solution to getting the news out. We take the pre-show editorial content your organization provides and ready it for publication. Many times, before the events of the day have even concluded, we receive the files of news reports and photography that come in from the show floor, proof them, and print the daily to be delivered to the convention center bright and early the next morning.

Our show dailies workflow is as follows:


  • • Test files are uploaded to FTP site, ripped and viewed.
  • • Job start paperwork is generated about one to two weeks prior to live printing to allow for ordering of stock, etc.,
      and production planning.
  • • Scheduling for live file cut-off times and early morning delivery times is confirmed.
  • • All delivery and convention center contact information is provided and confirmed.
  • • Advance editorial and ads are uploaded to our FTP; a master document leaving “holes” for live editorial and photos
      from show is created.
  • • If pre-printed forms are being produced by us, PDF proofs are generated for customer approval, then forms are printed,
      folded and held for binding with live form(s).
  • • If the customer is providing preprints, production specs are confirmed, and the required arrival date on our floor is
      agreed upon (usually three to five days prior to live printing date).

Day(s) of live printing

  • • Files are uploaded to our FTP at or before the agreed-upon cut-off time.
  • • Complete PDF proofs (including advance ads and editorial, if desired) are generated and uploaded to our FTP;
      the customer is notified of proofs ready for final approval.
  • • After final approval of PDFs by client, hard proofs are generated for press and bindery.
  • • Hard proofs are compared to customer-approved PDFs by our sales staff member and approved for plating.
  • • Printing and bindery completed overnight.
  • • Early-morning delivery made to convention center and hotel(s) (if applicable) by agreed-upon time.